Beautiful things are often sad and it is comletely true about this composition by Zemlinsky. String sextet called Maibluhmen Blühten Überall with a solo soprano is a river floating the tragic confession of a girl who loses her lover while embracing him and together with her newborn child she decides to follow him in his hopeless situation. She kills her child under the Christmas tree and lies down in the snow for the last sleep. The blackness of the theme of the poem called Das Magd by Richard Dehmel, a German poet, is scarying. Though the recording of this ” young Zemlinsky” with young and great musicians of Zemlinsky Quartet was an exhilarating experience. If you hear me express not only the fateful sadness emanating from the poet’s poem but also this joy of working together, I will be extremely pleased. Because Zemlinsky is still in the shadow of Arnold Schonberg, his brother-in-law, a student and a close friend, I was pleased to participate in further evidence that this is not entirely deserved. I hope you will like this beautiful sad thing..